A Premium Clothing Brand Builds a Culture of Service and Customer Delight through Simulated Learning

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A Premium Clothing Brand Builds a Culture of Service and Customer Delight through Simulated Learning

The client is a New York-based premium clothing brand operating for over six years. It has various outlets throughout North America.

The client recognizes that the customers visiting the stores are looking for more than a piece of clothing to suit the occasion. They come for the experience-experience of a social connection and personal attention with a sense of appreciation for their taste and preferences.

The client holds the customers’ experience paramount to their success and, therefore, wants to build a culture of customer delight throughout the chain. The client also acknowledges that the culture flows from the top to the bottom and, therefore, wants to ensure that the leadership team is adequately trained on the brand’s values and customer service etiquettes.

However, with the skill set so subjective and the performance measure so nebulous, the client was finding it hard to train and accurately assess the managers’ proficiency and fluency on the critical customer relation skills. The client was also finding it challenging to identify specific requirements for training and development.

The challenge of providing a consistent customer experience across the franchisee and company-owned outlets was a potential bottleneck in the brand’s ambitious expansion plan.

A Premium Clothing Brand Builds a Culture of Service and Customer Delight through Simulated Learning

The EasySIM team interviewed senior leadership at the client’s corporate headquarters and shadowed the store managers and sales consultants to gain a sense of typical customer visits.

The EasySIM team proposed a custom scenario-based training and assessment package. The purpose of this training was to not only train the employees to follow the customer delight protocols but to create a culture of service above and beyond the mainstream market.

The EasySIM team, in collaboration with the client’s L&D team, defined critical competencies required for the specific roles. The team then built scenarios replicating the employees’ routine interactions with the customers, strategically placing decision points mapped with the defined critical competencies throughout the scenarios.

The EasySIM analytics engine recorded the participants’ actions at each decision point and generated a detailed report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and their overall readiness for their respective roles. The analysis helped the leadership team allocate resources based on their aptitude and competencies, increasing their performance efficiency manifolds.

The report further helped the leadership chalk out a plan to design further training and development program for their crew based on their underlying needs.


Today, our client has outlets throughout the America. Thanks to the scalability of the EasySIM solution, the client can now administer the training and assessment across the chain and obtain real-time individualized reports on each participant.

The client is happy to report a growing customer base and a reputation of service and class surpassing their competitors’.

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