Insurance Agency Upskills Sales Team with Situational Microlearning Nuggets

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Life Insurance
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Insurance Agency Upskills Sales Team with Situational Microlearning Nuggets

This insurance major has 250 branches across India. It has been three years since the company started its operations in India, and it has yet to make a strong market presence. The company has a direct and indirect sales channel with more than 3000 employees working in the sales team. The main job of the sales team is to sell life insurance products in the market. An insurance agent requires product knowledge, communication skills, negotiation skills, enterprising skills, convincing skills, and analytical skills to succeed. The company has not been able to achieve even 40% of the planned target in the last three years. Insurance agents, Sales Managers, Branch Managers, and Regional Managers were all missing their targets every month, which resulted in overall poor performance. The company aims to capture 8% of the market share in the next two years, which seems to be an impossible target in the current scenario.

Insurance Agency Upskills Sales Team with Situational Microlearning Nuggets



The KS team had a meeting with the sales leadership team. During the analysis phase, the KS team shadowed the direct sales agents during sales calls. The team studied the pattern and captured data points during the joint calls. The KS team participated in the ongoing training programs conducted at different offices and sat through the morning huddles conducted by the Branch Managers with the Sales Managers. They observed the rapport-building exercises facilitated by the Regional Managers with the Field Sales team.

The Team at KS interacted with Insurance Agents, Sales Managers, Branch Managers, and Regional Managers. Based on the analysis, the following gaps were found to result in poor sales performance:

  • Insurance agents did not have complete product knowledge, because of which they were not able to convince and negotiate with the customers.
  • Sales Managers were lagging in analytical skills and convincing skills. They were not able to properly analyze the customers’ requirements and, thereby, were failing to offer the right product.
  • Branch Managers were lacking in enterprising skills. They were not able to build a relationship with the agents who are the backbone of the insurance business. They were not able to drive business through insurance agents.
  • The Regional managers had a communication gap with the Field team. Incentive plans, rewards, and recognitions were not clearly communicated to the agents, Sales Managers, and Branch Managers.

KS recommended EasySIM Simulated learning & Assessment Platform that is highly customizable, configurable, and deeply integrated learning ecosystem with the organization’s present learning infrastructure.

For instance, insurance agents were lacking in product knowledge. They were not able to explain the difference between traditional and ULIP products. They were not able to counter the company’s existing superannuation product with the competitors’ pension products, which resulted in bad sales calls or non-closure of the business lead.

To enhance the product knowledge of the agents and Sales Managers, existing knowledge assets were leveraged to build scenario-based multi-video simulations on the following products-

  • Term insurance
  • Term insurance with return of premium
  • Unit linked plans [ ULIP]
  • Endowment plans
  • Child insurance plan
  • Superannuation plans

To upskill the sales team’s analytical skills, functional and situational cohorts were created that helped the the sales team pitch the appropriate products by segmenting the customers into the following categories-

  • Single mother and working
  • Single father and working
  • Married, no children, and two incomes
  • Married with children and one income
  • Married, no children, two income, and highly diabetic
  • Older couple approaching retirement with children

To coach the sales team on enterprising skills, microlearning nuggets were created based on real-life scenarios listed below:

  • How to make a cold call
  • How to handle rebuttals
  • Dos and Don’ts of sales call
  • Appearance management
  • Sales myths

EasySIM made a smoother transition in training and improved sales proficiency and output in the following ways:

  • With the help of Easy Sim’s personalized performance development and continuous remediation feature, the leadership team was able to maintain and monitor the skill development report card of the Sales team.
  • The leadership team was able to do a thorough gap analysis of the sales team’s performance as the team was uploading their live calls/meeting details on the platform.
  • Reporting Managers were able to monitor if the sales ethics were followed, product demonstrations were up to the mark, customer profiling was appropriately done by the sales team, and rapport building with the customer was being done effectively.

Within the six months of using EasySIM, the company saw a 3% increment in sales. 80% of the sales team became aware of the Incentive and Rewards and Recognition plan launched by the company.

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