School Implements Competency-mapped Performance Assessment Tool to Standardize Teaching Practices

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School Implements Competency-mapped Performance Assessment Tool to Standardize Teaching Practices

A California-based school chain, established in 2016, has more than 1500 teachers employed. A significant discrepancy in the students’ performance was registered among class sections within the same grade during the annual review despite a standardized curriculum. The school was also recording a decline in the student enrolment of new students.

School Implements Competency-mapped Performance Assessment Tool to Standardize Teaching Practices



A detailed analysis of the performance review and one-to-one interactions with a representative sample of the teachers, curriculum designers, and Subject Matter Experts determined that the teachers were well-versed with their subject matter. Moreover, the teachers were recruited only upon qualifying the school’s merit threshold.

KS recommended EasySIM Assessment Platform, which is a competency-mapped AI-enabled automated performance assessment tool. EasySIM could help the school zero in on the gaps in the teaching skills and make informed decisions for the re-skilling or upskilling of the teaching force and standardize the teachers’ workflow to drive their performance, consequently lifting the students’ learning.

The school employed EasySIM to standardize the teaching practices:

  • ES team, in collaboration with school supervisors and teachers, created scenarios based on their routine tasks and day-to-day interactions with the students. The scenarios comprised various decision points mapped with critical teaching competencies like Creating a Learning Environment; Lesson Plan Designing, Effective Use of Teaching Strategies; Identifying Student Needs; Communication; etc.
  • The EasySIM analytic engine provided supervisors real-time data regarding the teachers’ strengths, areas of improvement, developed and developing competencies, and their performance along their group’s performance gradient.
  • The EasySIM assessment process helped supervisors conduct a comparative analysis of the behavior patterns among teachers with high and low-performance reviews.
  • Based on the EasySIM analytics, the school administration drafted standard practices along the identified critical competencies.
  • The EasySIM assessment process helped the school devise an action plan to fill the skill gap and provided a template for future assessment.
  • The subsequent annual performance assessment showed improvement in 46% of the teaching staff as compared to their past performance, while 12% of them outperformed the set standard.
  • The aggregated students’ scores on the state’s standardized test improved by a remarkable 30%.
  • The student enrollment increased by 15%.

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