EasySIM solved critical customer relationship-building problems for Sales Professionals in the Automotive Industry

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EasySIM solved critical customer relationship-building problems for Sales Professionals in the Automotive Industry

The client is a global leader in Sedans and Hatchbacks with an extensive presence worldwide. The company comes out with 3-4 new models/version upgrades each year. They have been enjoying a loyal customer base for a long period of time. It has been observed that with more digital penetration, competition increases multifold, and the new digital age customer requires personalized attention and an extremely rewarding experience. 

Internal research suggested that the sales team struggled to build a customer-centric sales culture and establish long-term customer relationships. 

EasySIM solved critical customer relationship-building problems for Sales Professionals in the Automotive Industry

The KS team conducted a discovery session with the internal sales leaders. We analyzed various customer touch points and closely observed how the salesperson currently interacts with customers and how they build rapport and relationships. It had come out: 

  •         Although the sales professionals tried to address the customers’ needs effectively, they only focused on selling the product and completing their targets rather than striving to satisfy the customers.
  •         Lack of interest in exceeding customers’ expectations and creating “WOW moments.
  •         The sales professionals were lagging in constant communication and persuasion skills. 

Moreover, they were unable to assess the unsaid requirements.

To help sales professionals understand the relevance of thinking further than just their sales targets and focusing on delivering to the customers, the team deployed EasySIM, a competency-mapped scenario-based simulated training platform, to build competencies, such as customer-centric communication, solution-oriented sales, customer-focus and personalized long-term relationship building.

Salespeople immersed into job specific realistic situations in a risk free environment and applied their skills. These scenario driven business simulations had crucial decision points in between that were mapped with multiple core and non-core competencies. EasySIM’s analytics engine tracked the participants’ decisions at each stage and provided proficiency reports of various competencies and overall job readiness. With this change, Sales Leaders were able to analyze the entire sales organization dynamically and were able to make critical decisions like skills that require remediation and identify the best fit.


Customer delight is always a treat for a business. Through the EasySIM rollout, the client was able to:

  • Raise the consumer satisfaction index by 4% within the first 9 months of using EasySIM. 
  • Increase its customer retention rate by 6.8%. 
  • New Product Sales increased by 3%

The company now continues to enjoy growing customer loyalty and brand awareness. Motivated by the success with Sales People, the EasySIM platform is now being actively considered for Customer Service too. 

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