EasySIM® – All Your Questions Answered
1. What is EasySIM?

EasySIM ® is a KPI-driven comprehensive Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud. What it essentially means is that it is a cloud-based platform where Subject Matter Experts or Instructional Designers can easily build performance enhancing immersive/active learning simulations, without any prior programming knowledge.

2. What was the inspiration behind EasySIM ®?

Our 18+ years of experience in the training and learning industry, experiences shared by our client corporations, trainers and learners, and conversations with several industry thought leaders gave us deep insights into gaps in Performance Enhancement Practices across businesses.

We found that shifting learning paradigms demand training programs that-

We decided to develop a platform that would allow internal subject matter experts to use their tacit knowledge of the product(s), procedures, and the team’s learning needs to build a learning solution that is just right for their company’s business needs, without straining their training budget.

After six years of innovation-centered efforts, numerous breakout and brainstorming sessions later, KnowledgeSynonyms developed EasySIM ® – our ground-breaking Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud.

3. Who is meant to benefit from it? How?

EasySIM ® is built to benefit learner and the organization/employer investing in learning.

For the learner-

Contemporary learners require micro-units of instant learning with maximum applicability to their specific jobs.

So, EasySIM ® provides them a safe environment to practice their skills until they reach the required proficiency level.

For the organization

While, in the face of shortening shelf life of skills, an organization’s market leadership rely on constant upskilling of employees, employers find dismal ROI and poor performance impact to be discouraging. Therefore, they are increasingly demanding instant learning solutions trainings that identify and close skill-gap, increase ROIs, and drive business efficiency.


4. Why did you decide to enter an already crowded market of simulation builders?

EasySIM ®’s is not about following suit, it’s about filling the gap and creating difference. EasySIM ®’s competency- based model truly adds a unique dimension. This is what makes it a complete Learning and Performance enhancement solution rather than a mere simulation builder.

The simulations will be built to foster and assess job-specific competencies in employees and EasySIM ®’s deep analytics map responses to each of the target competencies and provide functioning assessments. The analysis will not only help the employee perform optimally but also provide insights into optimum utilization of the employee’s competencies.

EasySIM ® is a Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud (SLPC) which means no downloading, no need to install and constantly update software applications on multiple computers, or worry about security and compliance issues. The EasySIM ® Simulation platform is available on the cloud and you can access it from any device, anytime.

EasySIM ® allows role-based management for companywide swift delegation and administration of simulations.

5. You mentioned “proprietary algorithm”. What is unique about your algorithm?

EasySIM ®’s unique algorithm provides deep analytics, mapping performance to pre-defined job-critical competencies. This makes the assessment meaningful in identifying employee’s job-readiness, preferred role-fit, their strongest suit, and competencies that need further improvisation.

The analysis is also useful in screening job applicants and evaluating existing training program’s effectiveness using pre and post training skill level analysis.

6. How does EasySIM ® plan to boost your clients’ ROI?

Only 12% of learners apply the skills from the trainings to their job. Merely 13% of employees are actually engaged in their company sponsored, on-the-job trainings. 62% of managers believe they are not doing a good job meeting learner’s needs; and 1 out of every 3 employees say that uninspiring content is a barrier in their learning.

These statistics make it abundantly clear that these trainings fail to transfer knowledge, aid retention, or enhance job-relevant skills. Needless to say, employers do not see satisfactory ROI from costly training programs that do not yield any significant improvement in job performance.

EasySIM ® model has been designed to address the disconnect between prevalent training practices and adult learning processes.

EasySIM ® design, thus, turns your content heavy training session into Experiential Learning episode that inevitably boosts retention and transfers knowledge, and hones competencies required for real world job performance.

7. How would investing in EasySIM ® elevate your clients’ bottom line?

EasySIM ® will potentially help our clients in the following ways-

Reduced investment and elevated revenues simply equate with higher bottom line.