EasySIM ® Use Case: A Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud (SLPC) Presenting an Immersive and Challenging Microlearning Experience for HR Policy Training.

One of the business-critical roles of an HR department in any organization is chalking out policies that clearly define employee rights and duties and the parameters for employees’ behavior. It also has the onus of training the workforce on the set policies.

These HR policies are designed in accordance with employment law, and a failure to adhere to them results in penalties for non-compliance.

It is critically important that the workforce understands the policies as a failure on their part to practice those policies create almost as big a problem for employers as having no policies at all.

New employees usually receive policies related to employment practices, compensation, benefits management, career development, training, and records management as part of their orientation program. However, employers are required to review and update their HR policies because of changes in laws and regulations.

One of our fortune 500 clients, despite their constant efforts and investment in keeping current with compliance requirements, was facing the following recurring issues-

Challenge 1– When changes occurred to policies, the HR department communicated via revised employee handbook, email, website posts, handouts, and physical displays like posters. These measures have time and again proven inadequate, mainly because reading mundane HR policies is a boring and low-priority task. Also, the importance and implementation of such policies were lost on employees.

Action taken– The HR department conducted workshops and seminars to educate the workforce on the policies to cover a single policy.

Challenge 2– Any change required a fresh session which meant a day or two away from productive work which incurred a substantial cost. Moreover, for the training to be effective, they had to be done repeatedly to reinforce.

Action taken– To address the issue of cost of time, web-based trainings were implemented to allow employees anytime, anywhere access to the training content.

Challenge 3– The web-based training lacked sufficient interaction, engagement, and a venue to practice application. It also fell short on addressing nuances of situational propriety that would have come up in face to face role-plays.

Additionally, none of these attempts at solving the problem were challenging enough to earn the learners a sense of achievement.

Solution: Thorough analysis led to the conclusion that we needed a training and assessment tool that was–

Additionally, we wanted a training design that afforded possibility of updation and just-in-time tweaks to keep up with future changes in societal mores or governmental regulations without adding significant cost in terms of time and money.

The answer came in the form of EasySIM ®, Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud (SLPC). The SLPC-based branched simulations offered a perfect blend of problem-centered immersive micro learning solution that was grounded in experience and artfully channeled learners’ competitive drive.

Here are the key highlights of our experience with the SLPC-based branched simulations-

The client’s internal SME used their tacit knowledge of the company’s culture and the change in policies to identify and define their workforce’s learning needs.

Then, they used EasySIM ® interface and workflow to build a branched simulation that was just right for their requirements without hiring or outsourcing an instructional designer and a web-developer. This was a huge relief to their training budget.

The learners went through the simulation, making decisions at every step along the simulated realistic work scenarios. Each decision reflected their understanding of the policy in question and their ability to act in compliance in everyday work situations.

The EasySIM ®’s deep analytics created, mapped, and tracked the entire learning simulation with predefined learning goals and desired behavior patterns required for compliance.

The EasySIM ® engine had feedback for every possible response pre-programmed in the simulation by the author. Every decision that the participant made triggered instant feedback, which not only provided the rationale for the participant’s eventual score but also served to educate them.

The EasySIM ® analytic engine generated results in real-time, which were displayed in the form of scores as well as graphs upon completion of a simulation.

Outcome: The EasySIM ® Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud (SLPC) provided

The Impact-

Learner Reaction- Learners found the learning experience to be extremely engaging and relevant.

Learner recall and implementation- Notable desired change in behavior is being reported by managers across the board.

Cost of Training- For the first time, the company has observed a surplus in L&D budget due to savings in training development and implementation. Moreover, as the design affords just-in-time tweaks and updation of the content without additional investment, the cost of re-training is going to be foreseeably minimal.

Employee Satisfaction- Employees are reporting high satisfaction in terms of clarity in expectations and understanding of the implications of their behavior at work. This is a precursor to greater talent retention as good performers were let go in the past due to compliance issues.

These noteworthy illustrations of EasySIM ®’s impact are early signs of its efficacy as a learning and assessment tool. A more complete picture will emrge with the complilation of annual reports at the end of the current financial year.

EasySIM ® is increasingly changing the paradigm of learning from an act of receiving information to performance and skill enhancing experience. It essentially provides a safe environment to practice work behavior without the risk of bearing consequences of mistakes.

I hope this blog gave you adequate insights on how you can convert your mundane HR trainings into highly engaging and result-bearing experiential learning episodes.

The EasySIM ® SLPC applications go well beyond HR policy trainings to practically any work dimension where one has to deal with other human beings in their day-to-day professional lives, for example, sales, Customer-service, Onboarding, etc. The training and assessment tool is a perfect fit for situations where we feel completely unprepared despite our college degrees, task preparations, and job trainings, situations where we realize there is no substitute for actual experience.