Knowledge Synonyms Announces the Launch of EasySIM®

A KPI-Driven Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud (SLPC)

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, September 30, 2019- Knowledge Synonyms, an EdTech company launches EasySIM®, a pathbreaking Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud (SLPC), which breaks the trend of investing in trainings that fail to improve performance in any meaningful way.

EasySIM®, is a Competency-based branching simulation cloud with a proprietary Easy to use branching algorithm. Now, in-house Subject Matter Experts can easily build performance enhancing immersive learning simulations on the cloud, without any prior programming knowledge at minimal costs.

Its decision-tree design helps train your employees and assess their performance in Realistic Work Situations. Making decisions in the context of your business specific situations and having the consequences of those decisions play out ensures Cognitive Engagement and turns your flat content into Active Learning while preparing them for their current and future roles.

EasySIM®’s KPI-oriented user-friendly proprietary model directly links learning to job performance, thus accelerating learning, increasing ROI, and driving business efficiency. Its unique algorithm provides a complete and well-rounded Competency-based assessment of the employees’ job-critical skills. Such assessments identify performance gaps, employee’s job-readiness, and preferred role-fit by highlighting learners’ strongest suit, and competencies that need further improvisation.

“We wanted to help clients create complex simulations with ease instead of making simulation building an intellectual marathon. Using this Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud, branched minds can come together to create interactive and engaging simulations on a single platform to obtain Competency-based assessments at minimal costs”, says Sanjay Katiyar, Cofounder and CEO, Knowledge Synonyms.

This standalone cloud can be used for soft-skills trainings, applicant screening and performance assessment, employee competencies analysis, and evaluation of training programs using pre and post training skill level analysis. Learners will be able to monitor their progress and compete with their peers. They can enhance their skills through these simulations while performing everyday professional tasks, improving overall productivity, and driving business growth.

Knowledge Synonyms is an Indian EdTech Company headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Knowledge Synonyms offers a variety of services like Design and Development of digital Products and solutions, Content Services, and Innovation Driven Technology Solutions to a Global clientele across the United States, Europe, Australia, and Asia-Pacific.

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