Why are sales training ineffective?

Sales team makes the backbone of any organization. That is probably why organizations spend an average of $2,326 per salesperson on sales training annually (ATD’s latest research report, 2019 State of Sales Training). This is almost 20 percent more than they spend on the entire remaining workforce put together.

Despite their enormous investment in their upskilling, employers find dismal ROI and poor performance impact on their sales personnel to be discouraging.

There are two prominent reasons for the failure- One, content-based trainings fail to cognitively engage and challenge learners sufficiently to produce any meaningful improvement in skills; and second, they lack the context in which the learning can be immediately applied. As a result, sales persons feel unprepared in situations where they have to deal with complex sales situations. This not only means loss of the deal in question but also closes future avenues of lead generation.

What if we told you there is an instant learning solution that actually engages, excites, and prepares learners for their real-world job situations. An experience where you would face all kinds of typical prospective customers, with all possible responses varying from curious to learn about your product to directly shutting you down; from being politely resistant to outright dismissive? What if you could accost all possible responses to your prepared sales pitch, try all possible comebacks, make mistakes, learn better ways of handling the difficult situations, in essence- gain real experience, only without the risk of losing business?

EasySIM ® really does it for you.

EasySIM ® – a pathbreaking Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud (SLPC) is a platform where each member of your sales team practices decision-making in the context of everyday sales situations and have the consequences of these decisions play out, thus giving them real work experience!

Here, your in-house sales experts use their tacit knowledge of the product(s), competition, clientele, and their team’s learning needs to build branching scenarios that simulate real-life sales situations as experienced by them. The simulations address a wide variety of sales performance challenges, ranging from generating a lead to handling objections, to land your sales force in the field fully prepared to gain market control.

The EasySIM ®’s engine tracks the employee’s decisions at each step of the curated interaction, analyze their responses it and measure their performance on pre-defined job-critical competencies, for example, Prospecting, Product expertise, Competitor awareness, Customer orientation, Negotiating, etc.

EasySIM ®’s proprietary algorithm detects existing key competency gaps and provides instant feedback to redirect learner’s behavior.

EasySIM ®’s deep analytics studies the overall performance of the learner and provides a holistic picture of the employee’s job-readiness, preferred role-fit, strongest suit, and competencies that need further improvements, etc.

Sales people are generally found to be strong-willed, resilient, and competitive and they are mostly motivated by a sense of achievement. EasySIM ® strokes their competitive nerve by mapping their performance against company and industry standards and awarding points and ranks on leaderboard as they progress.

Thus, EasySIM ® presents a robust instant learning solution that actually identifies and closes skill-gap, increases ROI, and drives business efficiency.