Enhancing Technical and Leadership Skills for Tech Company Managers with EasySIM

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Silicon Valley headquartered Tech Company

150,000+ employees. 

Operations in 100+ countries

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Enhancing Technical and Leadership Skills for Tech Company Managers with EasySIM

The client is a well-known global tech giant with operations across the world. In this era, the tech industry is known for its fast-paced and dynamic nature, and it has become essential for the company to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. However, the company’s managers were facing the hardest challenges: to be on top of these trends, gain a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of the industry and have the ability to lead and manage a team of technical experts. 

EasySIM recognized the need for such competency and developed a learning and assessment platform

that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the tech industry.

Enhancing Technical and Leadership Skills for Tech Company Managers with EasySIM

The team conducted a thorough analysis of the situation by having conversations with managers in the company, analyzing their work style, day-to-day activities and how they interact with relevant stakeholders. After comprehending, the following problems were discovered:

Keeping up with quickly advancing technology: Managers have found it difficult to keep track of all the relevant emerging trends and innovations.

Unable to think strategically: Managers in the technology sector need to be able to think strategically, comprehend the larger business context in which their work takes place, and identify opportunities for growth.

Lack of management and leadership abilities: Managers are unable to showcase their strong management and leadership abilities in the tech domain to lead and manage teams effectively.

Cybersecurity measures: With the technology that is evolving, it has become essential for managers to be proficient in cybersecurity knowledge and know how to manage and protect against cyber threats. 

Lack of technical intelligence: Despite having backgrounds in business or management, some managers lacked a thorough understanding of the technical factors of their jobs, which resulted in them finding it challenging to manage and guide technical teams.

After identifying these roadblocks, our team partnered with the company’s L&D department and deployed EasySIM into the training programs for managers. A custom competency mapping model was adopted, and personalized microlearning units were created that focused on learning technology, the latest and upcoming trends in the sector, upskilling managerial leadership abilities like strategic thinking etc.

In order to ensure that the training is impactful and well-aligned, each microlearning unit defined several competencies that were placed across several decision points, which are mapped throughout the scenario. Moreover, the EasySIM analytics dashboard recorded the participants’ actions and produced a thorough report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and their general readiness for their role. 

The report also helped the L&D division in creating and developing a strategy to create additional training and development programmes for the managers based on their core needs. 


The company’s managers’ efficiency increased dramatically. The use of EasySIM helped managers in the tech industry to become more competent. The following results were achieved:

Stronger Technical Skills: According to pre- and post-training assessments, managers who completed the EasySIM training programme showed an average improvement of 35% in their technical knowledge.

Better Leadership Skills: According to a 360-degree feedback survey, managers who completed the EasySIM leadership training module showed a 25% increase in their capacity to inspire and lead their teams.

Enhanced Collaboration: The managers’ cross-functional projects and initiatives increased by 40% after the collaborative learning environment provided by EasySIM was implemented.

Increased Productivity: According to objective performance metrics like project completion times and error rates, EasySIM adoption increased the managers’ productivity by 20%.

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