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Experiential Learning

It is the process of gaining knowledge and generating deeper understanding of topics by actively engaging with the learning content and applying the knowledge gained. It gives learners a chance to learn by doing. Read more: How do Competency-Based Performance Evaluations Contribute to Personnel and Organizational Growth

Frontline Training

Frontline workers give the first impression of your product, services and brand to customers, that makes the frontline training a crucial factor for business success.They often work for long unpredictable hours and have little bandwidth for learning. Therefore the best training methods for them could be microlearning, mobile learning etc. Read more: Best competency-mapped platform… Continue reading Frontline Training


Embedding all the fun and addictive elements found in games to real-world or productive activities, defines the process of gamification. As the human-focused design is first mastered by gaming industries, it is for that reason we call this form of training delivery method as gamification. Read more: Simulations for Utilities Company – Case Study

HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

HRIS is a software that helps businesses to enhance their people processes and make both HR and their organization as whole more efficient and keep pace with evolving workplace trends. It requires automation and data synchronization that can reduce costly redundancies and aid the decision making process. Read more: Hire Right Talent – EasySIM Simulation-based… Continue reading HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

Immersive Learning

Innovation in immersive learning is powered by human dexterity and extended reality technologies. It is such an exciting development that improves the learning experiences and promote active participation of learners. Read more: Core Competencies A Digital Leader Must Possess

Kirkpatrick’s Learning Evaluation Model

Donald Kirkpatrick, former Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin, published his model in 1959 to analyze learning effectiveness. It has evolved through over six decades of application by learning and development professionals around the world. There are four levels of evaluation and each successive level of the model represents a more precise measure of… Continue reading Kirkpatrick’s Learning Evaluation Model


Microlearning is a holistic approach for skill based learning where information is broken down into topical, bite-sized chunks. With these highly targeted learning bursts, users can learn faster and retain the information for longer period of time. Read more: Vision mapping – A key to enhancing your Learning & Development (L&D) strategy

Need Analysis

At the core of any effective training program is comprehensive understanding of the needs and issues. The attempt to collect information to correctly identify what is needed for whom is need analysis. Poorly conducted need analysis may lead to training wrong competencies to wrong person. Read more: From Unconscious Incompetence to Unconscious Competence: The Conscious… Continue reading Need Analysis


Onboarding is the series of training that integrates new hires with the organization and ensures that new hires start right when recruited. It helps new hires learn about the company and their individual roles. Read more: New Hire Screening, Onboarding, and Skill Management Platform

Personalized Learning

Personalised learning is finding each learner’s needs and creating customized experiences for each learner that challenges the learners to take the ownership of their own learning and empower them with the skills they need to succeed in future. Read more: Teachers Professional Development: A Case Study – EasySIM


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