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Reskilling is equipping employees with new capabilities to keep up with the changing demands of the workplace and applying it to different jobs and tasks. It adds versatility to current employees and may helps avoid investment in new hiring and training a new employee. Read more: New Hire Screening, Onboarding, and Skill Management Platform


A Simulation is an imitation of real world processes or systems representing the key behaviors and characteristics that allows learners to test multiple scenarios and enhance decision making abilities of the learner. Read more: Simulation Library Builder Platform

Talent Management

Talent Management is a strategy that involves the combination of HR processes across the employee life cycle which is designed to attract, develop, motivate and retain the talent in an organization. Read more: Your Skill Development and Capacity Building Partner

User Experience (UX)

User Experience includes all end-user interactions with the application, services, and products. While designing the user experience the first thing to consider is that it matches the exact needs of users. A good UI ultimately results in a seamless and efficient training experience. Read more: Customer Delight in Fashion Industry : Case Study – EasySIM

Workforce Development

Workforce development takes a people-first approach that deep dives into the employment initiatives to create, sustain and retain a viable workforce. Maximizing potential helps empower the workforce and work as an asset to the employer. Training programs provide the skills to complete tasks needed by employers to let the organization stay competitive. Read more: Optimize… Continue reading Workforce Development

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees are committed and passionate to do their jobs.It helps measure and manage the employees’ perspective, strategic alignment and satisfaction levels. Read more:


Elearning is employing technology to facilitate, enhance and deliver content, shape behaviors and track training progress. The continued development in elearning space, enabled more immersive learning experiences like simulations, AR and VR. Read more: Hospitality Industry Success Story – EasySIM Competency Mapping System

DEI Training

To motivate positive behaviors and attitudes and foster an environment of inclusive workplace, DEI training is essential for every organization. It can further lead to gains in employee engagement and retention. It promotes cultural awareness in the workplace and helps resolve the core issues. Read more: Select the Right Performance Assessment and Development Platform

Decision Tree

A decision tree is a graphical approach to problem solving. It defines all the possible outcomes from the series of related choices and how these outcomes are weighed against other choices and outcomes, on the basis of costs and benefits. Read more: Personalizing and Adapting Comprehensive Learning

Change Management

Change Management is a set of practices that helps guide organizational change to fruition, from the initial stages of planning and preparation, till implementation and resolution. An effective change management process ensures seamless transition from current to future state. Every step involved in the process has its own importance and therefore it’s crucial to understand… Continue reading Change Management


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