Skill Development Partner Program

EasySIM has the vision to contribute to Federal and State Governments skill-building initiative across competencies, subject domains, and social needs.

Skill Development Partner Program

Skill Development Partner Program

This program will be driven by our ethos to give back to society. EasySIM will collaborate with universities, institutions, state governments, NGO’s, and UN bodies to build a skill library on this platform. The platform will be available at a no-profit basis and only minimal setup, hosting, and management costs will be involved.

EasySIM will be open to discussing and understanding the challenges that the entities are facing and accordingly collaborate, remodel, customize, and adapt to meet the defined learning objectives. Apply here.

  • Partner Benefits
  • National skill building initiatives
  • Flexible modeling and integration
  • Non-profit and equality-based approach
  • Decentralization of platform governance
  • Opportunity to create skill libraries that can be leveraged the world over and generate revenues for the institutions


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