Content Partner Program

EasySIM (ES) has created an opportunity for Master SMEs to publish Library of Simulations in their domain using the platform and become part of the EasySIM Master Simulations Library program.*

Content Partner Program

Content Partner Program

The content partner program is an opportunity for core SMEs to release a wide range of simulations on the EasySIM platform in their expertise. Access the best adaptive learning platform for building and creating a simulation library at a low price under your own brand and get all the support you need for those simulations from us. Not only this, we will help you expand your existing client base through digital marketing campaigns to promote the simulations further.

*This program will require an invitation or acceptance from the EasySIM Evaluation committee based on your experience and professional background in the industry and content. Apply here.

  • Partner Benefits
  • Access to complete ES platform at minimal cost
  • Revenue driven model to avoid any overheads and support costs
  • Support from ES Design Studio to build and host the simulations
  • Support to find new clients and users for your content library
  • Digital promotion support to drive traffic to your content library
  • Option to build your own library under your own name and brand

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