Cloud Based Simulation

Create Simulations From Anywhere

EasySIM is a cloud-based platform for enhanced learning and performance that allows you to build and access branching simulations from any device at any time. As it is hosted on the cloud, EasySIM gives you the ease and simplicity of making problem-centered immersive microlearning experiences from anywhere with low/no infrastructure costs.

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Create online scenario-based simulations

EasySIM is a cloud-based simulation platform that provides a ready-to-use environment for creating different types of scenario-based simulations. It allows you to build personalized multimedia-driven immersive simulations with a customized look and feel and various visualization elements.

Better Content management

With EasySIM’s cloud-based simulation library feature, you can store, organize, and edit multiple simulations on the platform itself. EasySIM has a straightforward, user-friendly interface that allows any individual with no programming knowledge to construct decision tree based branching simulations.

No download, no installation

EasySIM is a Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud, which means that the platform is hosted on the cloud and does not require any kind of downloading, installation, or multiple updates to different computers or computer applications.

Data privacy and security

EasySIM provides complete data security and privacy to its users as a cloud-based simulation platform. The platform is in accordance with highest level of security and data compliance standards including SSL with SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption, two-step authentication, and IP whitelisting. Platform is also ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

Build an effective team by establishing competencies

With competency assessment and development, create a focused and effective talent pool within no time and commit to success.

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Uncover and resolve competency gaps

With multiple techniques and models of assessments, EasySIM is an assessment platform that maps data responses to each relevant competency and overcomes skill gaps.

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Personalize learning to create impact

With a comprehensive and adaptive learning experience, EasySIM provides a completely customized learning environment to ensure active learning and engagement.

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