Assessment Platform

The deep, intelligent assessment process employs diverse learning and testing techniques and models to help identify skill and competency gaps and serve as a holistic adaptive and individualized development intervention.

Assessment Platform

Assessment Platform

EasySIM platform has been designed to build upon the traditional rubrics and deploy multiple techniques of assessment into work scenario-driven branching simulation-based intervention that maps with the pre-defined competencies and skill benchmarks.

EasySIM is one of the best assessment software that provides an in-depth analysis, maps data responses to each required competency, and delivers functional assessments. The simulation author can quickly map job-critical competencies to assessment metrics to identify and close gaps in performance.

At its core, it uses the process of Analyzing, Defining, Modeling, Designing, Implementing, Tracking, Analyzing, and Interpreting the process data to not only provide deep insights to learning leaders on present organizational competency state and skill gap to be covered but plan, design, and deploy instructional interventions and learning program using the EasySIM platform.

  • Scenario driven branching simulation-based decision-making assessment creation and deployment capability
  • Ability to customize and deploy multiple models and techniques of assessment
  • Unique assessment-specific multiple competencies defining capability
  • Use of most sophisticated configurable multilingual, multimedia driven programmable assessment creation capability
  • Over 40 responsive templates, diverse character sets and media library to choose from
  • Online Examination
  • Preparatory Question Banks
  • Certification Exams
  • Proctored Assessments
  • Skills/Competency Assessment
  • Job Readiness Assessment
  • Pre and Post Training Assessment
  • Scenario Driven Assessments
  • Coding Assessment
  • Subjective Exams
  • Hiring Assessment
  • AI Based User Authentication
  • Timed Assessment
  • AI enabled Proctoring
  • IP Based Access
  • Attempts Monitoring
  • User Grouping
  • API Based Reporting to other Platforms
  • Instructor Evaluation
  • Locked Browser
  • Dedicated Help Desk
  • Completion
  • Score
  • Result
  • Rankings
  • Skill/Competency
  • Job Readiness
  • Decision Points Level Competence
  • Question and Assessment Level Decision Promptness
  • Instructor/Group/Unit/Department/Role based Performance Insights
  • Attention

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