Competency Mapping

Competency mapping and assessment platform

EasySIM is a competency-mapped simulation-based training and assessment platform for enhanced learning and performance that helps you map and develop company-specific core competencies to accomplish the business vision. Competency mapping guarantees that a company’s competitive edge, effectiveness, and efficiency are maintained.

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Why do competency mapping and assessment matter for organizations?

Analyze job-related competency gaps

Competency-based mapping and assessment help you compare your workers’ skill sets to those necessary for their positions and find areas where they can grow. This information may be utilized to generate tailored development plans that chart your workers’ progress throughout the company.

Communication simplified

Competency mapping encourages management and staff to communicate in a more objective manner. Managers are better positioned to objectively analyze performance and convey precisely what is necessary for success to their employees.

Foster a “continuous support” environment

Competency-based assessment enables you to track and measure performance against organizational and job-specific capabilities. Create performance requirements for workers, update competence profiles when development results are obtained, and utilize this information to assist assessments and professional advancement.


Competency mapping and assessment can assist in motivating and engaging your personnel. It’s an excellent method to acknowledge their abilities and expertise while also empowering them to take charge of their professional growth. The more skills they get, the more useful they will become to your company.

Competency assessment and development platform

With competency assessment and development, determine employees’ job preparedness, their strengths, and those abilities that require attention to train them to achieve the business vision.

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Simulation library builder platform

With competency-mapped linear and branched simulations, EasySIM’s simulation building interface imitates real-world business circumstances in order to train professionals to be ready for their job roles.

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Performance development platform

With multi-competency mapping and a multimodal assessment framework, EasySIM maps important job competencies to several evaluation metrics to identify and close performance gaps.

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