Performance Development Platform

Key to any performance development platform is its ability to assess the competency gaps human resources demonstrate at the time of induction and growth years.

Performance Development Platform

Performance Development Platform

These gaps are best filled in by continuous creation, delivery, and consumption of competency-mapped personalized deep learning events. EasySIM Performance Development Platform (PDP) has a unique ability to set up multi-competency-mapped, multimodal assessment framework that can serve as intelligence to create learning events and work scenario-driven simulated deep learning experiences basis the competency gaps identified at various levels of employee’s career growth path.

An innovative integrated performance development software with multiple business cases and adaptability options for development and growth, EasySIM converts your long content training into active learning sessions that enhance knowledge sharing, retention and equips you with required business-specific competencies.

The platform has the ability to provide deep insights into configuration, creation, management, and consumption of learning resources. Learning organizations can always be on the top of the growth of human resources by way of assessing and delivering continuous learning events mapped with the competency benchmarks being defined for the job role function from time to time.

  • Highly customizable and configurable competency-mapped assessment and learning ecosystem with the ability to integrate with the organization’s present learning infrastructure
  • Ability to track, analyze, and report competency-mapped intelligent analytics from any type of assessment and learning resources
  • Deep and personalized learning experience by extending content rendering and consumption from diverse internal and external media sources
  • Configurable multilingual, multimedia-driven competency-mapped linear and nonlinear branched simulation learning and assessment asset creation and delivery interface
  • Competency Based Assessment
  • Interviews
  • Personalized Training Paths
  • Remedial Plans
  • Job Fitment Evaluation
  • Instructor based Feedback
  • Real world Scenario driven JIT Training/mentoring/coaching
  • Role wise Competency Benchmarking
  • Personalized Performance Development Plans
  • Continuous Remediation and Development
  • API Based Integrations with HRMS, Talent Management Platforms and LMS/LxP
  • AI-based User Authentication
  • Scheduled and timed performance development interventions
  • AI-enabled Proctoring
  • Competence in required job competencies
  • Skills Inventory
  • Attention
  • Performance
  • Job Readiness
  • Training/Remediation Requirements
  • Leaderboard

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