Simulation Library Builder Platform

Instructional simulations engage the learner in “Deep Learning” as opposed to
“Surface Learning”, resulting in real measurable performance improvement.

Simulation Library Builder Platform

Simulation Library Builder Platform

EasySIM Simulation Library is opening a new paradigm in the world of online learning libraries with its competency-mapped work scenario-driven simulations.

EasySIM Simulation Library is a platform where Instructional Designers and Subject Matter Experts from a range of industry verticals, such as Healthcare, BFSI, IT, FMCG, Automotive, Consulting, and more, use their tacit knowledge of the product(s), procedures, and function-specific learning needs to build branched scenarios that simulate everyday business situations to prepare professionals, in any capacity, to be ready for their job.

This platform uses a proprietary algorithm to produce multi-competency-mapped linear and branched simulations. The platform has been designed using the Design Thinking Principles and presents a user-friendly intuitive interface that requires no technical background to design and develop fluidic responsive multimedia, multilanguage AI-enabled competency-mapped completely configurable simulations.

The platform presents deep decision-making competency-based analytics and provides unique creation, deployment, and management workflow to suit diverse business and learning requirements.

  • Ability to customize and deploy multiple models and techniques of scenario-driven simulations
  • Contextually relevant branched decision-tree modeled skill practice nuggets creation and deployment capability
  • Unique capability of defining multiple competencies
  • Over 40 responsive templates, diverse character sets, and media asset library to choose from
  • Use of most sophisticated configurable multilingual, multimedia-driven programmable simulation and assessment creation capability
  • Scenario-driven Simulations
  • Single Video Simulations
  • Training-driven Simulations
  • Multi Video Simulations
  • Linear Simulations
  • Subjective Response Simulations
  • Decision Tree Based Branching Simulations
  • 360° Video Simulations
  • Proprietray Algorithm for Linear and Branching Simulations
  • IP-based Access
  • Functional/Situational Scenarios
  • Provision for Multiple Attempts
  • AI-based User Authentication
  • Group Assignments
  • Timed Simulation
  • API-enabled Performance Data sharing
  • AI-enabled Proctoring
  • Instructor-based Hybrid Evaluation
  • Completion
  • Job Readiness
  • Score
  • Decision Points
  • Result
  • Question and Assessment Level
  • Rankings
  • Instructor/Group/Unit/ Department/Role-based Performance Insights
  • Skills Inventory
  • Attention


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