New Hire Screening, Onboarding, and Skill Management Platform

Competency and skill-mapped AI-enabled automated recruitment screening process can help organizations hire a diverse talent pool in a time bound and scientific manner.

New Hire Screening, Onboarding, and Skill Management Platform

New Hire Screening, Onboarding, and Skill Management Platform

Functional competency and personal benchmark mapping are proving to be the key to organizations’ human capital development and growth. EasySIM’s unique multimodal AI, multimedia, and multilanguage-enabled automated configurable screening capability is revolutionizing the scale and accuracy with which organizations acquire talent. Unlike any other platform, EasySIM has been designed to track, map, recommend, and manage the competency levels of new hires throughout their tenure in the organization.

EasySIM Platform is creating impact across business verticals, such as Healthcare, BFSI, IT, FMCG, Automotive, Consulting, and more. This platform is relevant for all technical and non-technical functions, screening, onboarding, and performance management.

EasySIM is a branching simulation builder platform with specialized deep behavioral analytics that comprehensively identifies the level of job readiness and evaluates employees’ core competencies, outlining their areas of strengths and opportunities while comparing them to industry and business benchmarks.

  • AI-based User Authentication
  • Timed Screening
  • AI-enabled Proctoring
  • Data-driven Screening Process
  • Scenario-driven Onboarding
  • Post-hire Training and Performance Assessment
  • Competency-based Remediation Plans
  • Skills/Competency Test
  • Role-specific Tests
  • Proctored Screening & Assessment
  • Job Fitment Evaluation
  • Culture Fit Tests
  • Faceless Candidate Screening
  • Candidate Assessment
  • Software Skills Evaluation
  • Cognitive Ability Tests
  • Personality Test
  • Language Tests
  • Video Interview
  • Ability to customize and deploy multiple models and techniques of screening
  • Objective and transparent data-driven screening process
  • Use of most sophisticated configurable multilingual, multimedia-driven programmable screening capability
  • Scenario-driven branching simulation-based decision-making assessment creation and deployment capability
  • Over 40 responsive templates, diverse character sets and media library to choose from
  • Job-critical Competencies Proficiency
  • Skills Inventory
  • Job Readiness
  • Decision Points
  • Attention
  • Pass/Fail

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