How to Maximize Your ROI on Your Performance Development Investment

How to Maximize Your ROI on Your Performance Development Investment

How to Maximize Your ROI on Your Performance Development Investment

How to Maximize Your ROI on Your Performance Development Investment

Organizations spent over $87.6 billion on their training and performance development initiatives in the United States alone, Forbes reports. While the investment is much needed to stay ahead of the curve, or even sustain in the fast-evolving economy, the problem is with what happens after the training ends—plateaued performance and stagnant business.

This is because there seems to be a disconnect between how training is designed and how professionals acquire job-relevant skills. Current studies on Andragogy (the method of teaching adult learners) show-

  • Adults have a DIY mindset- they require maximum autonomy and minimum instructions for optimal learning outcomes.
  • Experience (including mistakes) is imperative to learning.
  • Learning programs need to be a mix of informative and immersive activities to drive cognitive engagement on the learner’s part.
  • The knowledge acquired must be immediately applicable to their individual life or work situations.
  • The learning activity must be problem-centered. That is, it must offer a solution to their existing, possibly recurring, problems.

According to the Gallup poll, around the globe, only 13% of employees are actually engaged in their training.

According to recent research on corporate training and eLearning suggests that only 12% of learners apply the skills from the training to the job; 62% of managers believe they are not doing a good job meeting the learners’ needs, and one out of every three employees say that uninspiring content is a barrier to their learning.

These statistics clearly reflect a disconnect between prevalent training practices and adult learning mechanisms. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly clear that employers no longer see satisfactory ROI from costly training programs that do not yield any significant improvement in job performance.

An aggregate of surveys reveals that employers, as well as employees, want training programs that are-

  • Bite-sized micro—units of learning— focused on job-critical skills and competencies
  • Instant learning solutions— problem-centered and address existing key performance gaps
  • Immediately applicable— practice complex decision-making in real work situations
  • Immersive experience— ensures cognitive engagement

Branched simulation learning solutions offer a perfect blend of a problem-centered and immersive micro-learning experiences. However, building an in-house, cost and time-efficient branching simulation solution may be a daunting task. Therefore, with decades of L&D experience and years of innovation-centered efforts, numerous breakouts and brainstorming sessions later, EasySIM brings to you a pathbreaking Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud (SLPC).

EasySIM offers a platform where you have your internal IDs or SMEs use their tacit knowledge of the product(s), procedures, and the team’s learning needs to build a branched simulation that is just right for your business needs, without straining your eLearning budget.

EasySIM is a KPI-driven solution for global audiences. Its decision-tree design helps train your employees and assess their performance in realistic work situations. Making decisions in the context of your business-specific situations and having the consequences of those decisions play out ensures cognitive engagement and turns your flat content into active learning.

EasySIM’s KPI-oriented proprietary model directly links learning to job performance, thus accelerating learning, increasing ROI, and driving business efficiency.

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