Personalized and Competency Based Learning

The Must Haves for a Learning Platform to Support Personalized and Competency Based Learning Paths

The Must Haves for a Learning Platform to Support Personalized and Competency Based Learning Paths

Personalized and Competency Based Learning
Personalized and Competency Based Learning

In today’s business world, it has become imperative upon all the organizations to recurrently provide training and development opportunities to their employees. With the constant evolution of business, adoption of learning platforms with automated HR and training workflows helps provide personalized and competency based just in time learning experiences to the employees.

Now, if a unique learning platform serves the purpose of providing training content, tracking, evaluating and suggesting a learner-centric pathway, it would be a crowning achievement for both, the employees and the organizations. For attaining the same, there should be few compelling features in that platform to make it ‘unique’. Let’s here discuss those compelling features or the “must haves” for a unique learning platform to support personalized and competency based learning among the learners:

Customizable Learning Paths:

The platform should allow learners to create their own learning paths or select from a range of predefined or adaptive paths that align with their goals and interests. AI is a highly supportive technology to create such a path because It can analyze learner’s data of previous experience, progress & goals and thereby provide personalized recommendations for course materials and assessments.

Adaptive Learning:

The platform should be able to adapt the learning content based on learners’ progress and needs. Job scenario based simulations can be a useful method for adaptive learning because they allow learners to practice and apply their knowledge in a realistic, interactive and safe environment. Adaptive learning algorithms can be used to track learners’ progress and adjust the difficulty of the simulation based on their performance, providing a personalized learning path tailored to the individual learner’s needs.

Competency Tracking:

The platform should track learners’ progress towards specific competencies throughout a learning event, and provide diagnostic feedback to help learners stay on track. Interactive learning methods like competency mapped branching scenarios can be an effective way to track competency by assessing learners’ responses to the real-life scenarios and using this data to gauge their skills in a particular situation or job role

Personalized Feedback:

The platform should provide personalized feedback to learners based on their performance, highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement. To mention again, AI is a brilliant master here as It can generate personalized feedback and assessments, providing learners with targeted support and helping them to stay motivated and engaged in their learning.

Flexible Assessment:

The platform should offer a range of assessment options, including both formative and summative assessments, to assess learners’ progress and understanding. Branching scenarios and simulations can be useful tools here because they allow learners to practice and demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a realistically  interactive environment. These tools are particularly effective for assessing complex  competencies that may be difficult to measure through methods such as multiple choice tests. Additionally, because branching scenarios and simulations can be adapted and customized to fit the needs of individual learners, they provide a learner-centric pathway curated to bridge the skill gaps.

To sum-up

What if all the features discussed above prevail in a unique platform!!

In a class by itself, EasySIM is one such complete competency-driven simulation based learning platform that addresses the diverse learning and performance needs of the learners.

EasySIM helps the organizations easily create decision tree-based events that train their workforce through branching scenario-based simulations and assessments. With the aid of its innovative AI- based proctoring, attention and sentiment analysis, deep performance analytics, bite-sized micro-units of learning and job readiness dashboard, EasySIM supports personalized and competency-based learning paths with a difference.

So,let us work together and give learners “the ownership of their learning and accelerate their performance, their own way with the best experience”!! 

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