What is EasySIM?

EasySIM is a competency-driven real job scenario-based Simulated Learning and Assessment Platform designed to accelerate workforce performance and provide tangible insights into human capital growth against an organization's L&D investments.

What is EasySIM?

What is EasySIM?

EasySIM addresses the diverse organizational learning and performance needs of today and the future.

At its core, EasySIM is not an ordinary eLearning platform, can help define, design, create, and manage business-specific competency-driven Simulated Learning and Assessment events with an ability to gather, process, and analyze diverse data points to provide deep insights into the present competency and performance state of the workforce as well as design a clear path for the organization’s growth.

EasySIM is one of the world’s top competency-driven simulation-based learning platforms that can help organizations easily create decision tree-based design that helps train their employees through branching scenario-based simulations and assessments. Some of our key innovative features include AI-based proctoring software, deep performance analytics, bite-sized micro-units of learning, and a live job readiness dashboard.

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